The Akashic records is an amazing place.  I’ve worked with it for decades and I never cease to be surprised and pleased by my experiences there.  And having talked with colleagues and others who work consciously with the Akashics, their experiences are pretty much the same.

The Akashics is a huge place and the first thing that anyone notices is the geography.  That is to say, what we all notice first off is that it is a place.  Whether you start in the Library, in a field, near the ocean, on the mountain, in the primeval forest, what you notice is where you are.  Then you notice how you feel physically.  Because being there gives you the same feeling that you get when going into corpse pose after doing Yoga.  Your whole body is alive and your mind is aware of things in a way that it used to be when you were a kid, before you became responsible, aware of the future, and full of the millions of things in your head that distract you from the now.  You become open again to experience things.

Just that in itself is an amazing thing.  And if you can stay with it, because just like in corpse pose, those who over work and don’t rest enough easily slide right into sleep, it’s healing for the body and for the mind.  And you can start ‘walking’ around in that space and see more.  Most often, at the beginning, we are met by someone there who can help us understand what is going on, help us with the question that brought us there, or lead us to something that helps us become a better version of who we really are.  Which is even more amazing.