The Akashics is full of experiences and information in many forms. Most of them beautiful or awe-inspiring, common sensical and sometimes frightening.  But the most common first experience people have when they goto the Akashics is the Library.  The Library is not your public library with some beat up chairs, a couple of tables with gum under them, people who have to be told to be quiet, and a bunch of ratty books no one has read since they were published.  The Akashic Library is a thing of beauty and it is HUGE!  There are rooms that look like Greek temples where people can sit in the sunshine and the grass and read. There are large rooms like English studies that are floor to ceiling and wall to wall books with huge oak tables and massive chairs where people can lay out books and study and there are proctors to help you when you need to ask a question.  There are more private rooms with computer screens for faster searches on specific topics, there are individual study rooms where staff move the texts you’ll need for your particular project and so much more.

Everything you’ve ever had a question about has a book or a text or a file or a scroll.  Worlds worth of information, experience, joys and sorrows, all the soap opera drama of lives lived in every time period, is all there. But even more so there is a book for every single living being there that is in the process of being written.  It carries all the information of everyone you have ever been before now, who you are in the now, what plans you made for yourself, who your best you is and everything else you could ever want to know.

Being in love with books and learning, it’s one of my favorite places to go.