Human minds seek patterns and meaning which means that we try to simplify things.  Unless you are a scientist studying Chaos Theory or the Theory of Everything (TOE) or your into mystery novels I’m betting you don’t like complicated.  Which means that when you think about ‘what is my purpose in life’ you are thinking of that one shining thing that makes it all seem worth it.  That one thing that makes you feel valuable and special and empowered.  And you should feel that way.  So go for it.

But let me throw some complexity on that dream for you. Sorry.  Just like in a marriage, your spouse cannot be everything for you. While a lovely romantic notion, one person cannot be the source which meets your every need.  And they shouldn’t be.  In this same way no one thing should be expected to bring you value and power and uniqueness.  It’s more complex than that.  So does that mean you don’t have a purpose in life?  No.  It means the opposite.  It means you have more than one.  In fact you probably have many more than one.  It all depends on what you mean by purpose.  If you are talking a calling/vocation/career you may have one you may have several as your life changes throughout the seasons of your life.  If you’re talking family, you may be parent, step parent, adoptive parent, god-parent, spouse, lover,sister, brother, cousin, uncle, aunt and with modern medicine the way it is today you could possibly be all of those in this one lifetime.  Any or all of those could also be your purpose, not necessarily all at the same time unless you’re conjoined twins.  And what about education, geography, spirituality…well yes, they factor in their too.  And none of them necessarily contradicts each other.

It’s like our lives are an amazing symphony.  Our purpose is to be in that symphony and play our part whether that’s the melody, the harmony, the counterpoint….each part is necessary, unique, valuable and makes beauty in all its variations.  But within that symphony there is a purpose for each player in each given moment. And there is a musical score written that gives them the guidelines by which to play the music.  They aren’t required to follow it.  Each musician has a choice. The score for you life is in the Akashic records.  You left notes for yourself there on everything you wanted to do and to be.  Having your book read in the Akashic records gives you the gift of knowing what your purpose is in this moment and the best options for continuing on that path going into the future.  Music is the stuff of our lives…play on….