There is much more to the Akashics than the library.  Many times over the years I have found myself outside on the lawn enjoying the beauty of it all.  There are manicured gardens, fountains, mazes, all kinds of things to explore. There are also fields full of all kinds of plants and I usually end up walking through them.  Wheat fields and poppy fields and everything full of color and scent.  I know of other practitioners who end up swinging like they did as a little child or who walk among primeval forests.  I have seen some of these places as well.

I also like to walk through some of the buildings adjacent to the library.  There is one building that I call the Atlantic pools.  It is next to an ocean inlet and the pools are actually salt water that comes in from the ocean and dolphins come in periodically.  The room is three stories tall with floor to ceiling windows and light and full of water sounds and peace.  I sometimes swim there.

As I work with people as my calling and my life’s passion I find that for me I’m drawn to places of quiet and solitude and peace so as to rest and restore myself and to listen to my own guidance when I need a nudge.  Where do you go when you are in the Akashics?