I always find it interesting when someone tells me, “I’ve never seen that side of you before”.  Or they say “My life is just such a bunch of contradictions”.  Our minds what to analyze and organize what it perceives into a system that makes sense so it can manage the chaos of all the input it receives.  So when we know someone we create a definition of who we believe they are based on our interactions.  They are ‘like this’ or ‘like that’ and sometimes they are examples of roles in our lives like teacher, student, career person, artist, etc, etc…  So when you see them being something other than that role, it can be shocking.

I had some people talk to me about how shocked they were that I would have a funny side and be irreverent and that it seems incongruous next to who I am publicly.  Which cracked me up.  I can’t be funny and silly and be spiritual?  Really?  Spirit has no sense of humor? LOL  Personally, I find people amazingly, lusciously complex and unique and ever surprising.  I like to think of people as beautiful cut gemstones.  Seeing them from one angle with the light on them creates one perspective while turning them creates a different one and shining a light on them verses through them gives others, etc, etc.  For some people we will only ever perceive one facet, for others we will see a gamut.  All of them beautiful and wondrous in their own way.

So open up your definitions of who people are.  If you only know one side of someone, leave question marks in all the other blanks in your definition until you see or experience another side.  And be willing to be open and explore.  People are amazing and you have no idea that blessings that are out there if you just look in the right light.