I love October for so many reasons, but Halloween is definitely at the top of the list. I love decorating for it, I love the creativity of it, I love sharing ideas about food, decorations, costumes with people, and scary is delicious when it’s just for fun.  I decorate my front yard with headstones to make a grave yard and hang black feather wreathes.   I tend to like the subtle twisted Christmas flavor to my decorating and my Halloween village has become somewhat of a passion for that very reason.

Halloween is a great time for expressing aspects of yourself you don’t get to explore at any other time.  The endless possibilities boggle the mind.  You can be a super hero, a famous person, a figure out of history, an inanimate object, you can even be a play on words, for goodness sake.   It’s fun to let go of the roles and characters we carry around every other day and be something else entirely.  Explore your dark side, your light side, your funny side, your weird side, just explore.  There are parties and events in ever city and town where you can go and be someone else for a day or an evening.  Who knows, it might inspire you to do something new with your life or just get you laughing so much that the next day you are lighter.