There is an exercise I like to use with my students to help them understand physically what I mean by the limitations our culture has taught us.  It helps them become aware that they can do much more than they ever thought possible.  I call it “Extending Your Senses” and it’s completely safe to try at home.  Give it a whirl.

Sit somewhere that you won’t be disturbed for about  5-10 minutes.  Unless you are at home an own a cat, wherein all bets are off.  🙂  Sit comfortably either on something with your spine straight and your feet flat on the floor or on the floor with your spine straight and your legs in a comfortable position.  Close your eyes and just listen…….Listen to all the sounds around you.  Your mind will automatically start cataloging them for you.  The house sounds, the people sounds, the pet sounds, the outdoor sounds.

Now focus your attention on yourself.  What sounds are you making, inside and out.  Breathing sounds, heart sounds, stomach sounds, bowl sounds, clothing sounds if you move…..Add that to what you are hearing around you and hear it all together…..Now start listening to what is happening outside where you are sitting.  Become aware of what is going on directly outside the building.  You can and most people will be able to visualize as well as hear.

Now focus your attention even further out to the street and the block you are on.  What is going on around you?  People walking, birds flying, cars moving…..Now broaden your scope even more to take in the entire neighborhood.  What do you sense?  Who is there?  Can you see the mail man on his rounds?  UPS?  Fed Ex?  Landscape people, neighbors, other cars moving through? What is there?  You can sense it all. How does your body feel when you do this?

Bring your awareness slowly back towards the building and back to your body and the sounds around you.  You should feel refreshed and relaxed and a bit stretchy.  This is something you have always been able to do, but been taught isn’t possible.  What else is out there that you have been taught isn’t true?