I love the colors of Fall.  The trees changing colors, sometimes so saturated that they seem to glow from within. Trees in a row up and down the street slowing changing from summer’s green to yellow and orange and red and rust and even reddish-purple.  And not just trees.  Some ivy’s also change color and spill down embankments in rivers of red.  And the fall squash and pumpkins are bursting out not only with color but with leaves bigger than a person’s hand that see to rush into the air and then fall like a child exhausted from the joy of living who lays down in the grass to stare at the sky.

The reason this is occurring is that the trees are getting ready for winter so they are reducing the amount of chlorophyll they produce and are cutting loose what they no longer need, which is all the leaves.  So as the leaves no longer receive chlorophyll and it disperses, what is left is the truth.  The actual color of the leaves as influenced by the type of tree they are and the soil and water they grew in.   Like slowly drawing back a curtain their true nature is revealed, as beautiful in their naked splendor as they were in the heighth of their activity.

In fall the truth of the leaves is revealed.  Walking down the street in an ocean of truly golden leaves I see revelation all around me.  And I wonder what people would be like if they removed their business and day-to-day life and laid it all down so they could reveal their true selves during this Fall season.  How glorious would that be?