I love me a good Zombie story. Whether it’s a movie, a TV show, a book or a graphic novel, Zombies are awesome. There are even some good Zombie music videos out there, just check YouTube. 🙂 However, Zombies do exist in the real world and it’s something to keep an eye out for. Zombies in real life don’t eat your brains, but they seem to eat their own slowly but surely and over time they can suck you into the same behavior.

Zombies are people who live an unexamined life. They walk around not paying attention to anything they are doing or anything anyone else is doing, say the same things every day, do the same things every day, then go home and repeat the process all over again. They repeat things that someone else has told them as if it’s their own unique thought and don’t notice when others are rolling their eyes or shaking their heads because everyone knows where the thought actually came from. They are just walking through life on cruise control. Even a major event doesn’t rattle them. They just pick up the pieces of their lives and reconstruct it so they can keep on doing the same things they have done forever. In stead of being cool and creepy like the movie version, these Zombies end up being just sad.

The difficult thing is that these could be your loved ones. They could be a family member. Or they could be someone you start dating, because they look just like everyone else. You can’t really tell they are a Zombie until you are around them for a while. And then you may want to fix them. To help.  Unfortunately that is a waste of energy. They just suck up all that attention but steadfastly ignore any changes you attempt to make and continue on their shambling way.  And they exert a type of inertia over time which makes you feel as if it’s too much effort to end the relationship or change it so you’re no longer under their influence.  It’s just easier to deal with them as they are.  And it is….but is it good for you?  It may take a herculean effort to break the hold they have on you, but not having all of your energy sucked away while they slowly eat their own brains, is probably the best gift you can give yourself.  Other than learning to avoid Zombies all together.