Few people want to feel alone or lonely.  Even if you are independent and like to take charge, do things on your own, or work in the quiet that doing solitary things provides, you feel better when there are people who understand you and appreciate you. We all need people who see us and like what they see inside as well as out.  And life can seem unbearable when we don’t have that or don’t have it in the way that nurtures us.  Because, try as they might, our family of origins many times cannot provide love in the way that we need to receive it.

Being in a body provides us many amazing opportunities, but it also has the effect of making us feel separate from everyone else.  And alone.  In the Akashics we can reacquaint ourselves with not only more of our true self in the soul that remains behind and the Soul book which contains a record of our essential nature and our experiences, but also with all of the other people who appreciate us for who we truly are.  With those who wish us well, forgive our mistakes, see our potential, and who do what is possible to support us in being… well…us.

Being able to reconnect in this way helps to keep loneliness at bay and is a way we can remind ourselves on the hard days that we are not alone.