Our lives are so full of input, experience, constant bombardment.  Some of this is good, some neutral, some bad.  We seem to spend our lives pushing through the neutral and the bad reaching for some small part of good and inside is an entire symphony of thought and emotion and being all moving a swirling and changing with the moment.  So its understandable that in all of this overwhelming day-to-day of our lives, we’re afraid of adding in any further change or making things less stable than they already are.

Which is why people are afraid to change. To try new things.  Because even though it’s not working, it’s making things harder than it has to be, it’s a bad situation, what have you, at least its a stable point in a swirling world.  It takes courage to change.  It takes courage to move from what you know, can control, can survive, towards the unknown, even if that unknown could bring you your wildest dreams.

I get it.  I’ve been there.  So choose.  Are you going to stay stuck and just surviving or are you going to take control by taking a step towards the unknown?