Everything you do each day paints a picture of you for you to view.  Others can see you as well.  Like looking at one section of a great painting they may only see the background or a bird’s wing or the side of the building they may not understand completely but still they see it.  And you can see the whole.  Is it a still life of a city street with no people in it?  Is it abstract with only shades of one color?  Is is something you even like?

If your life reminds you of the art in a tacky hotel room, change it.  If the picture you see doesn’t have what you need, change it.  Don’t sit around waiting for someone else to come into your life with artistic skill and will and make you into a masterpiece.  You are the most skilled artist in the entire world and you have a Universe of materials at your disposal to make the greatest piece of art the world has ever seen.  It could be sculpture, it could be an oil painting, it could be a photograph, it could be music, it could be anything.  But if you don’t take action to make it, then it’s just dust on materials that never get used.

What do you feel is beautiful?  No, not in “I wish my body looked like…”  That’s not what I’m talking about.  When you look at something, what is it that makes your entire being go “ah…that’s it” and you can’t stop smiling?  Do one thing today towards becoming like that.  Wear that color, stand in that pose, talk like that, sing that song, be that art.  Your life is a work of art.  Start being beautiful for yourself today.