In non-industrialized, non-urbanized cultures part of the ecosystem is teaching the accumulated wisdom of the elders to the children in order for the entire group/tribe/clan to thrive.  Much of that is very practical such as teaching about weather patterns, how to hunt, fish, plant, harvest, store food, keep livestock, and live in balance with the ecosystem.  Then there is crafting in all areas from the practical to the ceremonial.  And there is the mythology that explains everything from why dirt is brown to why men pee standing up and of course the big questions as well.

And in most cultures there were healers and spiritual leaders (could be the same person or separate roles) who, called at a young age, in their teens, or through some event in later years, are mentored to help them learn to use their gifts and understand the changes that they are undergoing.  Because they were not only not the first person to go through it, but they were not alone.

While we are moving away from the fragmentation and disconnection of industrialization and are becoming more and more interconnected globally, we have yet to solve the issue of mentors.  Because there is still a need for them just as much as there has always been and perhaps more so.  Unlike in the past where from a young age we would see someone like us living among the tribe or clan and so had some experience and a role model by which to guide us through our initial spiritual experiences, most of us do not and in fact grow up in situations where are gifts are unwelcome and possibly even thought of a contrary to religious life.

So what to do?  One thing I have found is that when you are ready and when you ask in a good way, the teacher will come.   In my time I reached out and was gifted access to my tribe’s elders and from other tribes as well here on Turtle Island.  The teachings were amazing, difficult, challenging and inspiring.  They continue to help inform my life today.  But I have had other mentors as well.  In fact, this is one of the first ways that I worked with the Akashics.  I asked to have a teacher or mentor that could help me understand various things that I was going through and changes that I was experiencing in my life.  And not one but several teachers came forward to work with me and continue to do so today, for which I am forever grateful.  Over time as I have learned things and we have created a rapport they have come to be less and less cryptic and more insightful, somewhat like parents becoming more intelligent the older and wiser their children become.  LOL

So if you are in need or want a mentor for a transition you are going through in life you might want to consider asking for a mentor in the Akashics.  Their insights are invaluable and they have wisdom that can enlighten all aspects of your life.