Akashic wisdom and knowledge and instruction isn’t all about the mind and the emotions.  And manifesting it isn’t all about taking on a new project, learning a new spiritual modality, or taking on a new form of work.  Sometimes its very practical and concrete.

This wasn’t hard for me to grasp back in the day when I was first learning because in my culture, seeing a vision or having a dream about an object that you are supposed to craft or find is common and accepted.  By the time I started this work I had already received visions of sacred items which I had then crafted, therefore manifesting them physically so it wasn’t a leap.  But that’s not the case for most people.

In my class forums I routinely recommend that when people see an item repeatedly such as a stone or a box, they evaluate whether part of the message is that they should bring that item into their life physically.  If they look they will probably find that exact stone or come across the box or find someone who makes boxes.  I remember in one lesson with my elders we were led to a room in the Akashics full of ceremonial staffs and we were able to find the one that was specifically for us.  With that image and energy we were able to craft them here and each one was not only unique to the user but amazing in its properties.  I have relied on mine in many a personal ceremony and it has served me well.

When you are working in the Akashics you might want to consider that what you’re being shown is not just a symbol for you to understand, but possibly something you need to bring into your life in the physical.  Ok, so you don’t necessarily want to go find a tiger and bring it home, so please use common sense and be safe (LOL) but you might think about adding pictures or figurines of your animal guide to deepen your connection.  You might want to find a picture of the vista you see each time or perhaps create it for yourself through art.  The means by which you can manifest Akashic energy are limitless.  Hopefully it will inspire you.