Fractal-Mobius-Dragon-IFS-10Too many times we over think things, wanting to know where this is leading us, what we can do with it, what it all means, and where we’ll go next. It’s about feeling safe and in control. If we can see the cause and effect of things then we feel competent to make something out of it, our shoulders come out of our ears, and we somehow thing that we understand and even command the flow of becoming that we are wading through.  However, most things are more complicated than obvious cause and effects that we can determine within a relatively short span of time. Even small facets of our lives have complex intertwined interdependencies so that all the ramifications, the dominoes striking each other, the effects aren’t seen for years, even decades or full lifespans.

That’s not to say we shouldn’t bother to try and make sense of our world or attempt to make something coherent out of it, but instead of trying to control it or make it something it’s not, we can instead lean into the flow of it.  When we are curious about something, instead of immediately trying to figure out how to monetize it, discover its deep spiritual meaning for us, or see where it is trying to lead us, we can simply follow our curiosity. When we are curious about something we can give ourselves permission to be curious and therefore to dig as deeply and broadly as we’d like for as long as we like.  And when we are no longer curious we can be done and keep going.

There’s no need to see this as a digression from our path, instead we should look at this as part of our path. Not only did we enjoy the process, learn a great deal about the subject, about people involved with the subject, and about things we didn’t know were connected to the subject, but we learned about ourselves, became a newer version of ourselves, and filled in blanks about various other things we have already explored due to our curiosity. And we will have discovered a handful or more new things to explore.  Which in the end may, overtime weave into a tapestry of becoming which we can only fully comprehend once the entire picture is woven or might weave us into a creäture of such wisdom that we become a light for others to follow or safe haven for those who are in mid journey. Follow your curiosity because no matter what the short-term effects are, the long-term ones will be spectacular.