Oracle's Temple at Delphi

Oracle’s Temple at Delphi

Most spiritualities teach that we should either center and then reach out or center, reach out, ground, then notice what remains. Some teach that we can add pulling through so: center, reach out, pull through, ground, look at what you ended up with. All of which is good and I teach variations of this as well, however I usually teach them in a different order.  As with yoga, spiritual practices that focus on reaching out should first be firmly grounded so that we’re stable enough to reach and extend far beyond our normal boundaries so: ground, center, reach out, pull through, center, release, notice what you’ve acquired/achieved.

However, this is only one direction and so by nature unbalanced. To create balance, to be the center rather than having to get centered, we can practice the other direction as well. This is to ground ourselves, not in the physical world, but in the universe around us. Instead of reaching out for wisdom, energy, or some experience, we can ground ourselves in the universal energy, the Prana/Akasha/Qi which flows into us in every moment.  Once we have done that instead of focusing down or somewhere else, we can reach out by expanding ourselves into full spiritual connection with everything around us. So: ground upwards, center, expand awareness, pull through connection, center, release notice what you’ve acquired/achieved.

This is something indigenous people do in order to achieve connectedness with the local ecology, to know where to hunt and what, to ask permission for building and planting, for learning about the purposes of plants and what they can provide, for connecting with the 7 generations before and the 7 generations to come and much more. This type of Now practice takes us as far out of time and into timelessness as do Akashic journey’s but also keeps us firmly rooted here, hear the messages our body is sending and receiving from the world around it, helping us to manifest the life we wish to have, and create the relationships we deserve.