I never thought I would say this, but there is cosmic truth in the airline flight safety instructions we are all forced to sit through (try to ignore).  Pay close attention when you are told “In the case of a sudden drop in cabin air pressure, first secure your own mask before helping others flying with you.”  It’s true.

There is only one you and you are unique, amazing, and absolutely necessary for this world to spin.  You are a gift that makes the world a better place and we all benefit from you being the best you that you can be everyday that you are here.  So doing things that harm yourself, making everyone else a priority other than yourself, doing what everyone else wants and never doing anything for yourself, or only doing things that end up being harmful to yourself, this just takes away from us all in the end.

Put your own air mask on first.  If you die from lack of oxygen you can’t help anyone else anyway.  And if you die helping someone else, the survivor’s guilt will crush them making it a twofer.  Listen to your ‘flight attendant’ as they are mindlessly repeating the wisdom of the ages while wearing that less than attractive uniform….