You can pick your friends and you can pick your nose….No, no that’s not what I mean.  In many situations as adults we learn that choosing what is worth attempting to change or challenge is worthwhile because not everything is worth the effort.  We are happier if we don’t spend all of our time challenging things that in the end don’t really matter.

So what if we applied that logic to the things we struggle with about ourselves?  If we battle our weight, our drinking, our choices in dates, our family, our education, our job prospects on a constant basis and never win or even make progress are we fighting the right battle?  Or are we banging our head against a wall and then complaining that our head hurts?

The battles we fight are our choice and I’m not saying that your issues aren’t issues.  But they might not be The issue that is the root of the problem. All the energy that you are using in your current battle, and the self esteem that you are gradually losing, and the time you’ll never get back, and the joy that you will never experience in those moments, could be better served in working on the root of the problem.  Which is more than likely not that you’re broken, because you’re not.  It is most likely that you are not following the path that you set out for yourself in this life.  Choose to battle the fear that is keeping you from being your true self.  Now that’s a battle worth fighting.