Everyone once in a while I’m asked about someone’s next embodied life. The life they will be leading after this one.   This startles me every single time because there is so much we need to do in this one, so little time to get it all done, so much to do and become and figure out and express and feel….how can someone have capacity to be looking towards the next one?  But they do and so they ask.

So here’s some of the logistics around the next embodied life that affect what it will look like:

Nothing is predetermined even in this life let alone the one that hasn’t happened yet.  While time isn’t really linear, we aren’t puppets just going through the motions either.  Our actions help set up the circumstances and wisdom we have to work with so there’s no way to see that far in the future. It’s not even a twinkle in their eye yet, so to speak so no way to know what it will look like.

Free Will means that there are so many choices between now and then that there is no way to know what the next life will be.

Life Review happens.  That’s the time when we leave this embodied life, take our soul book and go into seclusion with our teacher to go through everything that happened here and release ourselves from the forgetfulness of this body.  What we can’t know while we’re here, we very much can once we go home.  And we’re telempathic and telepathic so when we’re reviewing we’re feeling everyone else’s feelings and hearing everyone else’s thoughts and seeing all of the interconnectivity, the affects and the causes that come from it rippling out into the universe.  All of that is going to inform our decisions around another embodied life.

Along with all of that is our own level of spiritual growth.  Not all souls choose to embody as a means for learning and becoming.  For those that do, sometimes a serial embodiment moves things along or is necessary to get certain lessons, sometimes not.  And for those who have already gone through that embodiment is taken on for other reasons and becomes more sporadic.

And the key to it all is that no one HAS TO embody ever.  It’s a choice and a gift, not a punishment or requirement.  So there is no reason that a person has to nor guarantee that they will embody again ever.  That’s something they will consider and possibly choose after life review.

So when looking for future lives, the answer is *shrug*  It’s not something I see in anyone’s book, not something that is noted, so unless the teacher and guides for that person have some insight on it as a possibility, there’s nothing much I can do for the person other than explain the above.  Although now I can refer them to this blog.  Go me.