I’ve added a new book to the reading list: An Introduction to Waldorf Education and Other Essays.  Seems weird to add a book that seems to be about the Waldorf school system into a reading list about the Akashics and yet it makes perfect sense. Rudolf Steiner, was not only the founder of the Waldorf educational system, but also the creator of the term “anthroposophy” a philosophy that sees the spiritual realm as just as concrete and understandable as the physical.  He sought to bring the spiritual into the realm of the intellectual and to found a means of discussing it so that it could be part of a rational discussion in general society instead of being relegated to spiritism and religion.

In this book of essays, mainly in the second half he talks at length about the soul, about reincarnation, and karma in a practical way that can make clear how we interact with them in our daily round.  I particularly like his discussion of karma because he points out the fallacy of seeing it as akin to our notion of justice or a tally sheet of what has gone wrong or right.  He takes his discussion much deeper and looks at karma as the accumulation of our experiences which informs our choices in the now and cocreates our future.

It’s good stuff and so rare for me to find any source that looks at such matters with common sense and from the perspective of helping people to have a better life here.  Most writings on these subjects are full of dramatic tension and focus on something “out there” which further separates us from the knowledge we most need, which is how to live this life now.  One thing to note about these essays, they were written around the turn of or beginning of the 20th century and written in a style that’s a bit stiff and formal.  More for the philosophical crowd and less for the layman.  So don’t try reading late at night unless you need something to help you sleep.  🙂