People often ask me how to communicate more clearly with their guides.  For me the first thing to look for is what is keeping them from communicating with their guides.  Because it’s not a skill we have to learn or something we need to build like an antenna.  It’s a feature already built into us and into our bodies.  It’s something we have to work to block.  Now the individual is not fully responsible for having lost this ability over time. Our culture trains us to ignore and block communication with our guides at an early age.  We are taught that having imaginary friends is a childish thing we will get over instead of keeping and expanding on in order to lead better lives.  Being ‘precocious’ by acknowledging the information we get from others through means beyond hearing and seeing is frowned on and sometimes actively discouraged so that by the time we’re teenagers we’ve either forgotten how or learned how to hide it.

So I look for how the person is keeping themselves from hearing their guidance.  Some use busy-ness, some have layered themselves in everyone else’s needs, some have moved themselves so far from their core self that they simply can’t hear because the message is so faint. And there are thousand other ways to keep from hearing message.  But the most difficult, for me, are the situations where the person is hearing their guidance correctly.  Because the answer they are getting over and over is silence.  A wise man once told me, “No is a valid answer.”  It’s something we learn early in life, but its good to be reminded once in a while.  No matter how impassioned we are about a thing, how valid the arguments, how important the outcome, sometimes the answer is no.  Sometimes the answer is silence.

It doesn’t mean that we should stop asking. It doesn’t mean we should despair or give up.  It means we should stop, take a step back, and look at the questions we’re asking.  Something that we are doing is off.  We’re missing something, not seeing something, ignoring something fundamental that needs to be taken into account.  We need to scream at fate, release all the pent-up energy, then breath and get centered, and start looking at the issue from another angle.  Easier said than done, but life isn’t necessarily easy.  And even less so for the truly important things.

So when you aren’t getting answers, when there is silence and white noise when you are asking the questions, don’t assume you aren’t getting through.  Assume you are and step back to look at the questions you’re asking.  Because the silence is the answer.