It’s happened to me and periodically it happens to my students as well.  Working in the Akashics we see something, experience something that makes us take a step back.  Something happens that turns on our warning defense systems and tells us something is off kilter.  The trust starts to erode and we start looking for meaning, for where we went wrong, what we did wrong, what we missed, etc, etc, etc.

For example, seeing being (guides, angels, helpers) as if we’re looking at the negative to a printed picture or as if they are wearing camouflage paint on their face.  All the darks are light and all the lights are dark.  Sometimes beings can seem to have just blanks where all the faces should be.  Sometimes they are just dark shapes or shadows in the corners or grey like ghosts.  Sometimes there are just voices that you can hear but aren’t distinct enough to be understood.

All of this seems freaky and sets us on edge.  It seems like the intro to a horror movie (apropo for October) and we don’t want to be the kid/side kick that opens the closet door to find the psycho with the knife. But working in the Akashics isn’t a horror flick and these things aren’t about warning.  They aren’t signs of danger although they are indicators.  And it’s that message that we should be looking into rather than looking for danger.

People having no faces, unless they are people trying to talk to us, is pretty much the same as people in the background in reality shows.  Their faces are being fuzzed out because they aren’t relative to the action.  You aren’t meant to interact with them and they have the right to go about their business. You shouldn’t be distracted by them, but you shouldn’t be lied to by having them appear to not actually be there.  So the middle part is having their faces be blank.

Beings looking insubstantial or dark isn’t about them, it’s about the viewer.  It’s about their readiness to accept the beings and hear the message they are attempting to impart. The person has asked a question, they have answers, but is the person really ready to hear it?  That’s the message in the image.  If the person is ready, they will step forward in full color and the conversation can continue.

Having someone’s colors be reversed like looking at a negative talks about the energy we’re putting into the situation.  Not enough get’s you the negative image.  Too much can make them appear washed out like their too much light shining on them. Balance really is the key and usually these things will sort themselves out organically over time.

So you get what you put into the experience.  It’s a conversation in which you are half of the equation and what you bring is not without effect.  You’re not a blank slate walking in there any more than you’re a blank slate when you start talking with someone here in the physical world.   Part of the process of working with the Akashics is to learn who you are right now and what you bring to the experience so you can move forward to learn and become more.  The key is not to step back from the process just because there are moments when it’s not pretty or comfortable.