People want to know what the meaning of things are.  Why they happen, what they are supposed to learn from that, how they can get what they want or what’s best for them.  In the spiritual community it’s taught that everything happens for a reason and that there’s always a lesson to learn from the things that happen.  Many times people take these things very literally and so spin their wheels looking for a lesson that just isn’t there or isn’t in the direction they are looking.

One of these things is in the answers to prayers.  The funniest example of this I’ve found is when someone prays to have unconditional love in their life and then is inundated with pets: cat’s, birds, dogs… They get frustrated because they are looking for a life partner and what they are getting is animals. They come to me trying to find out what the message is so they can get past this to get what they want.  What I point out is that there isn’t a message to all of this.  They are putting out a generic request and are getting an avalanche of response that meets the criteria.  If you want to know what the lesson is, be specific about what you want so it can be provided.  If you aren’t you get what’s closest, easiest, and meets all the criteria.  Pets provide the profoundest and most readily available unconditional love around.  So there.

Another example is of someone who wants to do some activity: sing, dance, goto parties, skateboard, play in a band, whatever.  They put that prayer out there and they get opportunities to do it.  Unpaid, off the books, alternative, not in the style or way they want things to go.  Everything is off kilter and they get confused.  Why am I not getting what I want?  Because you’re not actually asking for what you want. If you put out a generic prayer, you get a generic response.  If what you want isn’t just to sing, but to get paid to sing and make a career of singing, then start putting that out there.  Their response will be different depending on what needs to happen to get that going from lessons to gigs and everything in between.  If you want a specific style, a specific means, a specific event, put that out there.  It’s not a guarantee that you’ll get it, but you’ll get a much clearer, closer to the goal response that if you just cross your fingers and hope.

Manifesting things isn’t about asking for the most generic, most broad based, open-ended thing and then having some authority read your mind and heart and having it supplied like a gift from Santa Clause. In fact, most people are lucky if Santa Clause can get anywhere close without constant reminders, pictures, and directions.  Manifesting is a cooperative process with you stating clearly all the aspects of what it is you’re looking for and the interconnected world around you responding to that as best it can in the multitude of restraints is has to work with including timing.  Which seems like things would be impossible, but in fact, constraints are part of the magic that makes the new and amazing possible.  Just ask anyone who has a deadline to meet or an impossible task to perform.  Mother of invention and alla that, right?  So don’t hope, don’t just ask for the generic, be bold and pray for what you actually want. You’ll be amazed at how much better the response will be.