Each of us is a unique soul, a piece of the All That Is.  Yet the messaging we get from the world around us is that we need to do in order to be valued.  We are supposedly defined by our careers and our success in those careers, by our families and their happiness and/or successfulness, we must do constantly, give ’til it hurts, and once everyone around us agrees that we are a good person, then we can rest.

This is something that is very indicative of the messaging women receive.  Do everything for everyone else and then if there’s anything left over for you, you can have it.  Good luck with that. Men receive this message but usually in the form of being successful out in the world and providing for their family, which first they must create a career and a family and that family must be happy, because somehow their happiness is in his control.  (LOL!!!)  So we sacrifice ourselves over and over again in order to achieve something that seems forever out of reach, acknowledgement.  To be seen, to be validated, to be important for who we are and have a place in the world.

The thing is, we are important and have a place in the world just because we exist.  Each of us is a unique soul, a piece of the All That Is.  Put in other terms, we come from God, are of God, and to God we will return.  Because that is so, we don’t need to earn our place in the world, we have it because we are.  We are good enough.  Always.  Yes, we need to help and support each other, we are here because we chose to be here to do something and we should get to that at some point.  We need to eat and pay the bills and make sure those in our care do as well.  All of that and more.  But we don’t need to sacrifice ourselves in order to do it.  We don’t need to do it to prove anything or to carve our a place for us.  In fact, doing so, giving ’til it hurts, denying our uniqueness and our particular piece of divinity, that’s an act of violence.  It’s abuse.

If you don’t take care of you who will?  The faery of You’re Finally Good Enough, Now Good-Bye?  Do unto yourself what you would do unto others and do it first therefore you will be able to do unto others.  When a sudden decrease in cabin pressure occurs, put your own mask on first, then help the person next to you…..oh, just put your feet up for gosh sakes, you’re killing me here…it’s the weekend…where’s the remote…