There are people who are avoidance magnets.  Not about hard work or gnarly problems to be solved or a good challenge, they don’t have any problems with seeing what needs to be done and digging in with everyone else, they lead the charge when others are waiting around ready to follow, they are the ones that everyone wants to have around. Yep, they are busy, busy, busy…avoiding whatever it is they are supposed to be doing.  Know why they are out taking that hill?  Because they don’t want to be home with themselves.  Know why they are willing and available to help anyone at any time? Because its way better than what they have to deal with inside themselves when they get quiet.

Avoidance magnets see that the grass is greener “out there” if they could just get to it, but for all their clarity on how to get everything else done, they can’t seem to find the path that will lead them to “out there.” They are quick learners, can pick up any spiritual or healing modality with ease, but if you look closely, they never stick to just one, they are not consistent with any friendship or pursuit, they are constantly seeking for that one thing that will make everything fall into place so they can settle down.  They want to get away from it all, but they never seem to no matter how far they range or how much they do because in the end, what they are trying to get away from is themselves.  And like the turtle and the snail and the nautilus, they carry it with them wherever they go.

Until they are willing to do what they are avoiding most, confront and heal themselves, they will avoid anything and anyone that even looks like it’s going to head them in that direction.  Relationships?  Great until it requires vulnerability and becomes a mirror. Spiritual practice? Wonderful until it starts moving towards their core.  What’s the answer? Run! Distraction! Adventure! Attract as much avoidance as possible so it doesn’t look like you’re avoiding anything, even to yourself.  That way they won’t see that they are running in the opposite direction from the arrow that says “Your best life this way” and they can legitimately say they can’t see the direction they are supposed to be going. What I often wonder is, with all of that amazing talent and abundant energy, what could they do and be in this world if they went where that arrow was pointing?