You know how people talk about it all being about perspective?   Find a silver lining in things?  You can find happiness in any situation, it’s just about the right attitude?  Ever want to throttle people who say that, specifically in the morning before your caffeine has kicked in?  Or is that just me?  🙂

DownslideOk, so I’m not a morning person.  Sorry.  However, the concept of perception as a key component to our experience of life is very valid.  For example: there are a number of religions which see this life as a trial, a punishment, an enforced lesson, a result of not quite developed soul, etc, and that leaving this life and not coming back is the ultimate goal.  And that somewhere beyond this life is a better place where all the things wrong with this life have been righted or never existed and where we will get the reward of living happily ever after in bliss and contentment and enlightenment….

But what if that is backwards? What if our nature isn’t fallen?  What if this life is not some karmic punishment for wrong action or incomplete learning?  What if we aren’t doomed to be here life after life?  What then?  What does it mean?

We come from the Akashics, a place where everything is connected, pain and suffering don’t exist as we understand them, where time is not linear, nobody dies, and we are able to hear everything that everyone else is thinking and feel what they are feeling at all times.  So there is no prevarication, no misunderstandings, and no secrets.  Which sounds blissful…or boring…    We live in a universe full of everything, totally interconnected at all times, but that has its own checks and balances.  Because every thought you have effects everyone else.  Every feeling you have effects everyone else.  So you are gentle with them, you guard them, you act and exist in a way that allows the maximum benefit and support for everyone including yourself, which means it takes 100 times more effort to achieve something that it otherwise would because you have to calculate everyone else into the action or thought or emotion as you do/think/have them.

On a multiplicity of levels living an embodied life is about learning and becoming.  Taking on roles, experiencing things, making choices, connecting consciously or unconsciously.  It’s about relating.  But what we don’t really consider is who we are relating to.  Our entire existence is about being interconnected and interrelated.  So living an embodied life is a unique chance to disconnect.  To live for a few short years in nearly complete isolation.  Basically being in a room alone with yourself to get in touch with your authentic self without distraction or intervention.  There is only you in that room, able to think whatever you want whenever you want as much as you want.  Able to feel without any inhibitions or reservations.  To truly experience yourself as 100% yourself.  Add to that the fact that in the Akashics the biology of male and female have no relevance.  There is no need for sexual reproduction so this binary means of existence just isn’t there. So living an embodied life affords a unique opportunity to experience interacting with the world as one of two paradigms.  To think, feel, and be one half of an equation.  To explore the world through a new and fascinating role, to create and perceive and interact with the world from a perspective that doesn’t exist elsewhere.

So instead of life being a punishment or a fall from grace or a trial, we can flip the perspective around.  Being embodied is hard.  It’s not an easy choice, it’s not without risk, without struggle, without blinding pain and loss and grief, but it is also full of joy and surprise and mystery.  And most of all, it’s full of you.  You are the reason for the season, as it were.  And when you start to ask yourself “why me?” or “why is life like this?” you might take a moment to remember that we’re not here by accident and we’re not here because we have to be.  As River Tam says in Firefly that’s “Going up the downslide”.  Looking at things backwards.  Because you already know the answer.  The point is to feel the feelings which prompt you to ask the question which leads you to learn more about you.

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  1. Greetings! I’ve been reading your blog for a long time now and finally got the bravery to go ahead and give you a shout out from Porter Tx! Just wanted to tell you keep up the fantastic job!

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