It's exciting to think of all that is possible in a the new year that's coming. Tonight is about celebrating 
all that is yet to be and that can be with the optimism and hope that it will all be bright, beautiful, and 
better than this year has been. But while we're doing that, let's also take a minute to be grateful for all 
that has happened or not happened this year.

Take an honest look at all you have accomplished. Give yourself credit for all the hard work you put in and 
all the success you had.  Acknowledge what didn't work and put check mark next to it.Because for every 
success there usually 99 failures or false starts.  So how many false starts have you checked off this year?  See? You're that much closer to your success.

Whether you have thrived or survived this year, whether you have found your dream and are living it or you're 
still moving towards it, celebrate tonight.  Safely and with a designated driver or minder.  If nothing else 
someone will want those pictures.  :) Let all the worries go tonight and get ready for 2012. I have a very 
strong feeling that this is going to be a good one.