Ok, it’s 2012.  So are you making New Year resolutions or not?  I mean, if the world is ending next December, how does that change your perspective?  I say that a bit tongue in cheek because I don’ t think there will be a grand finale then and if there is I’ll admit I’m wrong, if I’m still around to care.  But if you do believe are you going to ignore it and just live life-like normal or are you going to live as if each day is precious and can’t be wasted because there are so few left.  Only 50 weeks left, I believe.  Someone wanna do the math on how many days, holidays, and weekends?

Meanwhile, for those who are not considering Armageddon, it is business as usual for the new year.  It’s time to think about New Year resolutions.  Stating publicly that you will do it different this year, whether it is stopping something you don’t want to continue doing, starting something you know you should be doing, or taking on a new challenge to create a better life for yourself or for others.  Unfortunately most people make these public statements as a part of conversations or as a gesture and not as something they are actually going to follow through on.  If they actually start them, they fail to follow through before the end of the month and so add one more failure to their experience of what they can or cannot do concerning the issue.

So why not do it differently this year.  Don’t make a new year’s resolution unless you mean it.  And don’t make it for others to hear, make it for yourself.  Most people feel that if you do that you are sure to fail because you are more likely to follow through if someone outside yourself holds you accountable.  I agree with that to a certain extent, but that assumes that you are unable to commit to, speak the truth to, or support the one person that matters, YOU.  So this year, if you’re going to have a resolution, how about resolving to never lie to yourself again.  Within your own heart tell the truth no matter how painful or difficult it seems.  Regardless of what you show or tell the world outside, be honest and courageous for and to yourself.  As simple as that seems, it may be the hardest thing you’ve ever done and it might just change the world.