Progress on my class for Daily Om progresses.  Here’s an excerpt from Lesson #5:

The main focus of the Akashic Library is information and communication. You might think of it, not as a monolithic library full of texts, but as a living document or an ongoing conversation.  How we perceive the world, using our five senses, is a communication between ourselves and all things outside ourselves.  Color, sound, and smell, all tell us something and we interpret that and act accordingly, thereby telling the world something in return.  The Akashic Library communicates with us knowing that we perceive the world through a combination of these senses.  Just as we vary our sound volume, pitch, facial expressions and hand gestures to get a point across, the Akashic Library presents itself and the information it contains in order to get the point across.  So some people may walk into a classroom and feel they are in a grassy field with notebooks and blankets to sit on, while others see a Greek open-air temple space with stone blocks and yet others see a school room from the 50’s with desks and chairs. It is still a schoolroom, the information imparted will be the same, but the form by which it is conveyed is changed to best suit the recipient.  And even with these visual, experiential changes, students can recognize an area, a librarian, a teacher, a lesson, from the context.