Chinese astrological years have a two year cycle:  inspiration and creativity, grunt work to make the inspiration arrive and the created thrive.

2012, the year of the Dragon, was a creativity year where people were inspired to dream big and go for it.  2013 has been the year of the snake.  Taking those soaring dreams and making them real one twist and turn at a time, nose to the grindstone making them happen.

Head BumpWhich means tomorrow we enter into another year of creativity: the year of the Horse.

So as you’re making your New Year’s resolutions, dreaming of what could be and setting intentions for the year to come, keep these phrases in mind:

*unbridled passion (in all aspects of your life – be passionate about what you do and why you do it.)

*out to pasture (getting the balance and the bliss you deserve)

*you can take a horse to water (it’s up to you to make things happen this year, the Universe can only do so much)

*wild abandon (don’t over think it and let yourself do what isn’t logical but is true without reservation)

Let your horses run free and let’s see where the year takes you…