candleWinter Solstice brought the change in the season.  While it is Winter, it is also now the time when the light comes again.  The days becoming longer each time and there is  less darkness.  As we look at the new year and dream of what can be, we should also let our own light illuminate the path ahead of us.  Who we are glows forth into the darkness warming each of us.  Our light shows us what we have become and what we have to work with as we move into this new time of becoming.

When you allow your self to shine in these days before the new year, what does your light illuminate?  What comes to light when you become quiet and think about what is possible and what you truly want?  Because you are the intersection between dreams and reality.  You are the co-creator of your reality and it is your souls light that shows you the path.  Where will it be taking you in 2014?