There is magic that happens when you harmonize your thoughts and actions with your dreams.  If you pay attention, while you might at times experience doubt or anxiety or fear or sometimes all three at once, you will notice that over time, and relatively quickly, you will be experiencing excitement, joy, contentment, and a smile that comes out of nowhere and won’t leave.  You may also notice that synchronicities start happening frequently.  Which is a sure sign you are on the right track.

What you love - rumiMost people live the life that develops for them over time, accumulating around them like coral building up on a reef making its own organic structure.  Or they live in denial of who they truly are or what they want for one reason or another.  Not wanting to cause a change or lose a relationship, fear that finances won’t be there and life will become a catastrophe, fear of ridicule, of what family will say or do, or just fear of change and the unknown.  And so they live constantly out of sync with themselves and 99% of the time dreaming of what could be and working hard to keep it from happening.  Numbing out with TV or constantly doing something, work alcoholism, drugs, alcohol, revolving relationships, drama real or contrived…all of it keeps people from having to look at who they are and what they could be.

Harmonizing with who you really are is a leap of faith and takes an act of courage.  Even if what you dream of is something that is supported by mainstream culture, it’s difficult to trust that what you truly want is something you can achieve.  It makes us vulnerable, brings what is closest to our heart into the light of the world and makes it visible to others, their judgements, their opinions, their well meaning critiques.  But here’s the thing:  being in harmony with who you are releases you.  It allows you to stop bleeding out all that energy in an attempt to keep things hidden and instead do what makes you happy.  Which takes very little effort at all.  And when you do that, you entrain with all the other beings out there that are doing the same thing.  Which allows for synchronicity.  You get connected with the infinite cause/effect process that is ongoing in the world striving to help all of us become better beings.  And when what we want and what we do comes into harmony, what we ask for makes sense out there in the world and starts happening for us.

So don’t wait for a someday that might never come.  Love yourself enough to stop trying not be you.  Open up to being yourself and let the Universe unfold to you.