One of the things that I find magical about reading people’s soul books in the Akashics is the notes that we leave for ourselves about this lifetime.  It can clarify soooo many things that are going on for us in this time.  Most people look at it as a means to find out where they should be going, but sometimes it is a means to find out that we need to stop going or to do a course correction.  Because sometimes what we think we should be doing and what we actually should be doing are two different things.

For example, using a nail brush to clean under your finger nails after working in the garden is a good thing and having the nail brush is necessary for that.  So at some point either you or someone else had to acquire that tool.  Using that tool to scrub skin in other places on the body, doing it repetitively over a long period of time, can cause damage where none existed.  This is true of healing techniques as well.  Removing armor created through difficult childhood experiences can be a good thing.  Attempting to remove armor that was never created during those childhoods means that the healing techniques are destructive and causing violence and damage to the person looking for healing.

Spiritual and soul healing techniques are not universally good nor are they one size fits all.  Just like a toothbrush is wonderful for many things, only one of which is cleaning teeth, it isn’t great for a whole host of other things and shouldn’t be used for everything in every circumstance.  We learn to use thousands upon thousands of items throughout our lives, performing literally millions of individual and unique tasks.  We should use the discernment we have developed in the physical realm on the spiritual realm as well, learning what the tools/skills/practices are for, learning how they work for us, and then applying them or not as necessary to achieve a goal.

Reading people’s soul books gives me insights on when someone should be looking for their next step or should ‘stop doing and stand there’.  It can point me in the right direction, help fill in the gaps as to why things have happened the way they did and what that means for the person, and then lead me to what would work best as the next step.  Just one more tool in the spiritual tool belt, but one I find infinitely satisfying.