There are plenty of ‘reality’ shows available this season for people to get their fix of things that go bump in the night and restless souls who continue to walk among us because they have unresolved issues.  Which is a gross oversimplification of the issue, but makes for good TV and dramatic effect.  Buildings, objects and places are affected by our presence just as we are by them.  And as the underlying force that supports life is the Akashic field which is information interacting with all other information in a web of communication, then who we are and what we do is imbued to them and their presence becomes part of us as well.

So if we spend great amounts of effort or emotional energy, positive or negative, the surrounding take that on as well.  However, we rarely feel that a place is haunted when it exudes positive energy like wedding chapels or happy family homes.  Well, ok, most adults cringe when coming close to a Chuck-e-Cheese because they are haunted with the over exuberance of too many children, but that’s besides the point.  Because we are, for the most part, non-predatory mammals, our brains and our bodies react most directly and succinctly to threat, which is what we perceive in the ‘haunting’ of a place or thing.

When in a place or around an object that has been connected with a negative event or under long-term negative interactions such as the Nazi death camps or a house that has known the long-term misery of a person or a tragic death, that place is affected and will continue to ‘speak’ or radiate that negativity as long as it is undisturbed.  Seeing the place a haunted by an unwanted spirit and attempting to communicate with it or to banish it is rarely effective as there is no such thing in residence.  It is the place or the object that needs help and support to release the negativity.  When in doubt, say “I sympathize”, leave a sympathy card or flowers in the place and let that positive response and the respect that it shows help counteract the sadness that has been left behind.  Leave the Ghost Busting to the movies.  You can still enjoy the reality shows as a guilty pleasure.