Human beings can be as haunted as houses.  Not that they are possessed or that there are entities trying to live lives through them.  But people can be haunted.  Just as placed and objects are affected by the events that occur to them and around them, so are people.  Even more so due to our amazingly adaptive bodies and emotional bodies added to our analytical minds.  The things that occur around us inform and structure our reality.

Everyone has a judgemental attitude or voice that talks to us, criticizes us for what we have done, what we think, what we don’t do or don’t think.  It is constantly trying to improve us by beating us up and to keep us from harm by slashing at our selves.  This voice can take on the persona of others that we’ve encountered in our lives, our family, our friends, our acquaintances, our co-workers, and the judgements made are influenced by our experiences, mostly negative or made to be negative. 

I call this voice a ghost.  It isn’t real, it’s not living in the here and now, it’s an opinion, historical or fictional, that tries to keep us safe by keeping us from living.  It tries to keep us from doing what it thinks is wrong.  It criticises and blames in an attempt to get you to stop the bad behavior, but you never succeed and so the negativity continues.  And because the voice comes from the past your response, viewed from the perspective of those around you now, makes no sense and seems completely irrational and illogical.  I call this ‘talking to ghosts’.  When you are completing conversations that ended years ago, when you are arguing with people who have already forgotten the issue ever existed, when you are suddenly irrationally angry over something that happened when you are a small child, you’re talking to ghosts.

When you have one of these ghost conversations, look at it as a blessing and a guide post.  There is something that you need to resolve and heal.  Just as in a haunted house, there is some issue that needs to be resolved.  The ghost is pointing you the way and if you heal it in the now, then the ghost will dissipate and go on its way to its rest.  And you will be able to rest as well.