2015-02-11 13.07.08Sometimes to have what you really want, to do and be what you really want, you have to go through being uncomfortable.  Want an example, here’s one of mine. I’m a middle-aged woman huffing and puffing out there, but the joy of actually doing it, of reclaiming a part of myself that has been dormant for so long, is worth a few looks and embarrassing moments.  Plus I’m getting props from the militant grandma who marches her 6 mile exercise walk each day and that’s worth tons because she nods for no one!

Heart’s Desire: Ride A Bike

Check List:

Buy Bike (Helmet/Chain/Lock)? Check
Learn How to Assemble Bike? Check +
Assemble Bike Successfully? Check ++
Ride Bike before inflating tires? Check
Get Bike Pump? Check
Inflate Tires Successfully? Check
Ride Bike with inflated tires? Check
Realize you don’t ever forget? Check
Fall over sideways? Check
Realize you haven’t done this 32 years? Check

1st Challenge:

Ride 4 miles down and up hills to the Post Office? Complete! A+

2nd Challenge:

Ride from south end to mid-way of Trolley Trail and back (6 miles)? TBD

To Do List:

Remember the rules of the road? 3/4 complete
Learn the rules that have been put in place since then? 1/2 complete
Get bell for when (someday) I’ll pass other riders…

To Enjoy List:

Take bike to downtown and enjoy the town.
Lose weight.
Build up muscle.
Get one of those cool biking shirts with the pocket in back.
Take bike with me on road trips.
Imagine what else I can do….