Do something.  One of the biggest problems that people face when it comes to achieving their dreams, walking their path, or improving their lives is they do anything and everything other than actually doing something that moves them towards the goal.  I’ve talked with a number of clients who are still exactly where they were a year ago and wondering what they should do to move forward.  They want to know what are the best steps to take, what direction to go, what’s the Magic 8 ball of spirituality say concerning their question.  The answer is, do something.  Any movement forward is better than none and significantly better than moving backwards.

For most people there’s no right choice, there’s a range of options and they need to take responsibility for themselves, make a choice and head in that direction.  Want to own your own business, have been thinking about it for 20 years, know all about what it would take, have an idea of how to get those resources….good lord make the first move already.  Getting one more confirmation from the universe isn’t going to change a dang thing because the hold up isn’t external, its internal.  In the computer world we talk about the root of the problem being PEBCAK (Problem Exists Between Chair And Keyboard).

Yes, moving forward can be scary because change is scary. I know the issue isn’t simply procrastination, it’s that heading towards our dreams means committing to change.  It means committing to being a different person that we have been.  It means seeing ourselves differently.  Recently a client of mine took on this challenge and changed from someone who had failed at getting a college degree and who was unable to succeed in a career to someone who not only has a degree, is working in her chosen career field, but is already receiving acclaim from the general public and her peers.  You can see some of her work here:  It’s a radical shift in her personal narrative, of how she sees and speaks about herself, one that has taken courage, patience, and conviction.  And the changes haven’t stopped.  As she becomes more of herself, walks further on her path, more changes occur, more discoveries and challenges to who she thought she was and who she’s becoming.  It’s a grand adventure.  I hope that many more of us will take it and blossom.