Beyond their surprise at the ease with which my students are able to access the Akashics in a meaningful and direct way, they are almost always surprised by the way they experience it because it’s never what they expect.  Most people on first working their consciously, myself included, tend to expect that it’s somewhat like going to a party at a friend’s house where you’ve never been to their house before.  You don’t know what the place will look like, you don’t know a lot of the people, and you take in everything quickly in order to sort social connections and fit into the situation.  It’s all about taking in all the sensory data, making meaning out of it, and going through the social niceties of meeting people for the first time, making initial connections, etc.

But the Akashics is a place we have all been before. In fact we go there on a weekly basis while we are sleeping.  This is a normal and healthy process that keeps us in sync with our origins, our teacher and guides, and that part of our being that did not come with us into corporeal life.  We continue our studies or our service work, catch up on the greater scheme of things coming for our lives and in general keep ourselves healthy and balanced and whole.  When we wake up we have everything we need in our mind, just not in our conscious for the most part.  Some people remember bits of these sessions as dreams but for the most part there’s no need so we don’t.

Sky lotusAnd so when we enter the Akashics consciously it may seem new to us and yet familiar.  The process may seem awkward and yet it’s relatively easy and we learn it quickly.  Even more, the beings we meet and interact with there recognize us and do not act as if they are strangers.  They are gentle with our confusions around communicating, patient with our inability to remember or recognize them, and are prepared to help us with whatever it is we need.  And that’s where the holistic healing comes in.  Because just like healers in this life, they look at everything that is going on with us, try to suss out the root causes, and while being mindful of the current moment, the task at hand, the expresses wishes and unvoiced wants, they work to help heal what underlies it all without infringing on our free will.

Which can lead people to think of beings in the Akashics as all knowing, all powerful, and a degree above anything going on here in the physical.  But that is not the case.  Choosing to live an embodied life includes the knowledge that to be here we have to forget our true nature and home to a great extent.  And we have to keep that information hidden in order to experience time as linear and to experience emotions and senses and interconnection in such a heightened and direct way.  Beings in the Akashics are not maintaining physical forms such as we carry, do not experience separation and do not need to utilize forgetfulness in anything they do.  They are able to look at who we are in the moment in all aspects and help guide us, nudge us, entice us and support us in realizing deeper meaning in who we are and what we are doing in our lives.  They can shine a bright light on what is most efficacious for us to know which may seem to have no relevance to our lives in the moment.  But paying attention to it, letting go of expectations and following where their insights lead can bring a depth of healing we never imagined.