What does it mean?

What does it mean?

Whether you are currently living a spiritually based life or not, everyone has experienced a moment when all the elements just come together, when a circumstance becomes a synchronicity, when some connection is made that is “too good to be true”, and then is done as abruptly as it started.  And most people are left wondering “What does that mean?”  Most of the time no real answer comes and it becomes a random thing that happened and is filed away and forgotten until some party or conversation where it becomes a fun story to tell.

The thing is, there is an answer, but the meaning, the cause and effect of it, all the ramifications that ripple out from it and all the factors that caused it to be possible and that were involved in making it happen are so complex, involved, interrelated and stretched out in linear time and multidimensional space that we can’t comprehend them let alone make meaning out of them.

For those that dabble in spiritual practices like having their tarot read, getting their astrological chart, or working with a medium, “what does that mean?” looms larger because a lot of information is thrown at the person, somewhat like the Universe testing spaghetti.  Throw a lot of stuff and see what sticks.  And what doesn’t stick seems random and makes no sense, but we want things to make sense and so we ask and we puzzle and we figure, trying to make things fit.  The thing is, the pieces usually make sense over time as we gain a better understanding of ourselves and our situation, as we gain experience, and as events unfold that factor in, but haven’t yet happened.

Living a spiritual life means living with “what does that mean?” events all the time.  It means taking responsibility of your own life, of knowing yourself and being conscious of who you are while at the same time surrendering the need to make sense of events in the moment, of knowing what it all means and trusting that it will make sense later or doesn’t need to make sense at all.  Living a spiritual life means trusting in the interconnection of all life and being available to help others directly, indirectly, or seemingly randomly.  Random acts of kindness become normal, synchronicity becomes a friend, and getting logic and common sense to loosen their stranglehold on life so that possibility has just as much space to work as probability becomes a goal and not a hope.

So don’t worry about what it means.  You’ll figure it out one day…or you won’t.  And in the meantime you’ll have lived.