In my field I’m constantly amused by the fact that those who need to let go of things/habits/assumptions cling to them with a death grip while swilling denial by the gallon and claiming that everything is fine.  Those who do all the releasing and letting go and purifying practices are the ones who don’t need to and are confused why they don’t heal and those nasty bits just won’t go away.

If you’ve been trying to let go of something for a long time and can’t like a want or a desire, a habit of being bitter over this or that, or you’ve been trying to convince yourself this is as good as it gets and to get over it, stop.  What you’re trying to let go of isn’t some negative influence or bad habit or broken bit, it’s you.  You’ve been trying to get rid of you, and probably a really integral part, part that makes you unique and authentic, powerful and amazing.  You’ve been abusing it, medicating it, meditating it, healing it and starving it away, but it won’t go.  Thank goodness.

Lots of things about us which are authentic and good are labeled “bad” by those who want to control us or make us conform to their expectations and needs.  We take in these messages and try to do what we’re told and in so doing we violate our relationship with ourselves.  We break our own trust.  We become untrustworthy to ourselves while being trustworthy and good to everyone else.

Stop trying to let go of the most precious part of yourself.  It’s voice might be acidic and bitter right now.  It might be full of sarcasm and tears. It has a right.  It’s been hurt for a very long time. The thing is, once you stop hurting it and start accepting it, or even better, welcoming it, the hurt heals, trust builds, and you’ll find that part of you is glorious and beautiful, even magnificent.  That’s a blessing we would all like to share in.  So instead of trying to let it go, could you let yourself be?