It’s Christmas Eve and it seems to be a rule of the Universe as we know it that there will always be one last thing we’ve forgotten or that hasn’t gotten done.  The malls will be full with people getting that last-minute shopping done.  In a minute I’ll be headed out the door to get a couple of grocery things I put off until now.  If I’m being honest I actually enjoy going to the grocery store on Christmas Eve because I get such a laugh out of it.  There will be menfolk wandering through it with bewildered looks on their faces reading lists they don’t know how to fill and with their phones stuck to their faces going “What…where….what aisle….are you sure…”  I know it’s wrong, but it’s so classic…I’m a bad, bad person. I admit it.  😛

But it also puts me in mind of one Christmas that is very dear to my heart.  I had gathered with a small group of my friends to celebrate together.  We were doing all the traditions, trim the tree, drink Mimosas, watch Christmas videos, eat non-stop from morning onwards…needless to say none of us had kids.  Anyway, amongst all the fun I remember how many “one last thing…” moments we had.  It could have been horrendous.  It was a setup for stress and tears and despair.  But we were saved by one of our intrepid menfolk and Walgreens.  You see, this dear man loved snow and loved to save the day.  It just happened to be snowing that Christmas and each time we found that the string of lights didn’t work or we were out of ornament hooks or we were one egg short he’d go “No problem.  I’ll go get it.”  He’d put on his winter gear with a huge smile, trudge out into the weather, walk the three blocks to Walgreens, and come back with the goods.  God bless us all, every one!

So yes, there will be that one last thing.  It could be a tragedy, it could ruin your mood or your entire day.  Or it could be that one thing that makes everything come together, gives someone purpose and joy, and makes the season bright.  The end result is up to you.