Gypsy Tarot Reader by DeuceOhNegativeSome people go to readers (tarot/astrology/mediums/Akashic/numerologists….) with an open mind just wondering what they will hear.  Or they go seeking to know what is most important to know at that particular moment rather than selecting a subject to focus on.  Then there are others that have a question, but are interested to hear what might come as the answer.  And there are those who already have an answer in mind and want the reader or the method of reading to validate it.

The last category are the most difficult and sometimes the most heartbreaking of clients.  Because by the time they reach me they have already consulted dozens of readers of various kinds who have all given them variations on the same information I’m giving them.  They nod and smile and acknowledge that the information is correct, it makes sense, it’s very helpful in a sad, not quite what they wanted to hear way, and then go about their day.  And what their day consists of is negating everything they just heard and preparing to seek out someone or something else that can validate the answer that they want.

Now I’m not saying that people shouldn’t strive to achieve what they want to in live.  Go for your dreams because that’s the only way you’ll achieve them.  And I’m not saying that the path they are choosing is wrong for them or causing harm or that it will lead to a bad result.  For the most part they don’t and if they are I refer them to help to prevent that harm.  However, it seems sad to me that people get stuck in this constant loop of wanting answers but not listening to the answers that they get.   If you like your answer, then act on that.  If you like the answer that someone else gives, then work with that.  But move forward in one way or another.  Unfortunately, some people choose not to do this.

What I’ve come to realize is that they are missing the part of the equation called acceptance.  They feel something is missing, something isn’t right, they need something to be different than it is. And that’s healthy and what keeps creative people creating and soul becoming.  But they never accept any solution to their issue, never take a step to resolve that feeling for a plethora of reasons, and so live a life of questions with an avalanche of answers they steadfastly ignore.  We admire people who seem to have made something of themselves, have created happy lives and become happy people, and the adventures they have, the skills they use, the thoughts they express.  But what we don’t realize is that at one point they were asking a question, or several, and that they accepted an answer and acted on that answer.  Even if it was the wrong one.  Even if it didn’t work out the way they planned.  They moved beyond the question into action.  And from those actions they have found more questions for which they are seeking answers and those answers spur them to action.

What are you doing about the questions in your life?