…don’t you want to know about my past lives where I was a super famous person?  Um….nope.   Not because it’s not cool or interesting. It usually is to a certain extent.  There are books out there by people and about people who have been famous or influential in past lives.  I have clients that fall into those categories and have full access to hundreds upon hundreds of people and have literally perused thousands of past lives, famous and not, which I find interesting in a myriad of ways.

But here’s the thing.  I don’t care who is telling the story or what story they are telling, it’s the purpose they are bending their story to that matters. It’s kinda like in the book publishing industry.  Literally thousands of books get written every year which are the stories of people who have had hard lives, who have reached a middle point and realized that something needs to change, that they have made some kind of personal journey and they have words to share about that.  The reason 99.999% of these don’t get published isn’t because there isn’t any wisdom in them, it’s because they are sound and fury signifying nothing.  The story is written for the cathartic needs of the writer and is a story we all know because we’ve either been there or will go there.  It’s a polished version of a diary that no one is really interested in reading.  We all have our own.

Past lives are interesting to the person who has lived them, but rarely to anyone else. Having been a famous or influential person can be more interesting, but in the end still doesn’t matter much to anyone but them. Most people want to tell me and others about their famous past lives because that life seems waaay better than this one.  Here they are just somebody, a generic someone, while in that life they were amazing!  Which is great, but just a little sad.  I mean, this takes living in the past to an extreme!

In the end what we’re all interested in is who you are now, today, what you’ve done now with the wisdom you gained then, what you are in this lifetime rather than who you were before.  Even better, tell me where you’re going and why.  I love to know about how people are not only living, but thriving in the world today and making it a better place by being fully present.  Past lives hold a wealth of wisdom for us, but it’s only as good as what we do with it.  So tell me the story of your now.  I’ve got a minute or two to spare. 🙂