People bang their heads against obstacles all the time.  I have students and clients that have struggled with things like meditation, reading their own Akashic record, or journeying and they have tried “absolutely EVERYTHING!”  Sometimes they have worked on this for 20+ years to no avail. They can’t see things, they don’t get anything, they get things one way which isn’t what they want. It’s frustrating to say the least.  Their conclusions about why this is the case are interesting to me because they are somewhat of a personality test or a marker pointing to “You are Here to Figure out This” which is usually something far more key to their life than any technique or practice.

People’s explanations for why they think they are blocked fall into a couple of categories: I’m broken and need some means to duct tape me so I can move forward or I just haven’t found the right key to unlock this but I’m sure I’ll find it. Broken people touch me so deeply because usually the issue really is technical.  They have been told to do something that doesn’t work for them or doesn’t work in the way they have been taught (spiritual practices are never one size fits all) and with a little adjustment they make miraculous progress and get an entire new insight into who they truly are.  Rather than being broken they are actually inspiring and unique and gifted.  I’m often inspired by the changes this small but mighty insight has in their lives and what they do once they have it.

The key people have a harder row to hoe.  Not all, but for most, the issue is that they are looking for solutions in all the wrong places.  They think the issue is a technical difficulty when in fact its much more fundamental.  It’s as if they are attempting to learn to ski.  They have purchased the snow suit, the skis, the poles, the shoes, everything they could possibly need and more.  They have put it all on, know how it all works, and yet they can’t seem to make skiing happen.  This is because they are nowhere near snow let alone an incline with snow on it.  When I point this out to them they are shocked and appalled that I would connect skiing with snow.  They are usually very reactionary about snow, about the fact they don’t like it, they don’t like the cold at all, they have no intention of doing anything connected with snow and what they need is for me to teach them how to ski!

Yeah…so there’s that.  Usually the issue for key people is not in technique, but in content.  Because no matter how you slice it, spiritual practice requires that you know yourself and be honest with yourself if no one else.  There’s no way around it, really.  Yes, it’s amazing and stunning and exciting and fun to see things and meet beings and have visions.  It’s awesome and I love it.  But it’s not a Disney ride where you can just have the fun and then go back to your life.  It’s you which means that anything you’ve been avoiding dealing with will be front and center. It will be all that the guides and mentors and totems want to discuss, it will be the only thing a soul book will reveal information about.  Everything will circle back to this again and again.  If emotions are something you’re uncomfortable with, well “Blocks-R-Us”.  The logical brain can keep us from feeling, can help us avoid and put up smoke screens, but once you move into the realm of the soul, the logic brain is no longer in control. It goes into its rightful balance with the other three, soul/emotions/body, and emotions that have needed to bring out their wisdom start speaking.

So if you struggle with meditation or journeying I would recommend taking a pause and looking at which direction you have been trying to go, duct tape or key.  If duct tape then there is probably a remedy that will work starting with realizing it’s not you, it’s the information you’ve been given.  It’s a technical problem that can be resolved with better info.  If key then the issue isn’t technical, it’s internal.  The remedy isn’t about the method, it’s about the agenda.  When you’re ready to take the deep inner journey, you’ll find the way or it will find you.