People sometimes get fixated on a mythological someday where they will have all the time and the energy in the world to do what they want to do.  Which never seems to be today and never even seems to be soon.  This mythological someday requires that we not enjoy what we’re doing right now, that we suffer in life and struggle to get ahead while making little progress, and whispers that we can’t indulge at all or else we will never live long enough to reach the end goal.  To which I say…um…no thank you?

What happens to most people who believe this myth is that by the time they realize they have arrived at the mythological someday they are too worn out, damaged, and wrecked to enjoy it or even much care.  They can’t do what they wanted to do all along and in all the grinding of the grist mill they have put themselves through they have actually traded happiness for fear of old age and decrepitude and death.  So, pretty much the biggest epic fail.  Working hard to achieve fear and pain. Hmmmm… Not something I recommend, although I’m not here to judge or stop anyone.  Please continue to slog and struggle and beat yourself up at will.  I’ll be over here doing something other than that.

So, if it’s true, which I’m pretty sure it is, that there are a multitude of ways to get from where we are now to the goals we have in life, only some of which require us to be miserable throughout the entire journey, to struggle horrendously, or to sacrifice all we are in the process, why choose those routes?  Instead, pick some that get us there while allowing us to be who we are and enjoy life.  Why not pick something that not only benefits us in the long-term, but in the short-term and in the medium term, which just so happens would also be good for those around us because our happiness and joy over flows onto them.  Being good to ourselves, being on our path and happy means we have extra to share and also we can lead by our own example which just means living our life.  See the ripples?

Investing in you now, not for some delayed payout that you may not be in any condition to enjoy or even use, but for the benefit of this day and the next and this week and the next, creates not only positive benefit in the short-term, but shows you the path to having a fantastic life long-term.  So take time and invest in yourself.  Make the choice to value you higher than some mythological someday.  We’ll all be glad you did.