There’s a common perception out there that somehow we are spiritual beings trapped in bodies striving to get home again.  This means that the more we strive to get out of the bodies, the better off we are.  It also values spiritual matters over physical ones as if these are somehow separate and that there is some magical “out there” to which they need to be further attuned.

Whoo hoo what a rideThe truth is somewhat the opposite.  We aren’t trapped here, we chose to come here.  Embodied life provides us multitudinous opportunities we don’t get anywhere else including accelerated self learning and becoming.  The time we have here is limited and precious.  The point of our lives is to be here, not worry about “out there.”  We’ll get there soon enough, hopefully having used up these bodies, carrying an empty glass of alcoholic beverage and the last of the chocolate and screaming “Whoo Hoo!!! What a ride!”

So for a great many people in the spiritual community, their response to anything that they need to work on is, “I’ll meditate on that” or “Should I meditate on that?”  No.  Like all things, meditation should be used in moderation and is not one size fits all, it won’t fix a great many things that are going on in life.  I find that a number of people’s stuck spots is not in understanding the spiritual issue, being stuck energetically, or needing to clear their energy, but in actually doing anything physically about the issue.  You know, like having a conversation with the person you’re struggling with, taking steps to rectify the legal status of your children so you have sole custody, fixing your old tickets and paying your fines, calling in a plumber because the ad hoc fixes aren’t, acknowledging the car isn’t worth the fixing and moving on..etc. etc. etc.

Be here in the now.  Yes, it’s good to know why your body is responding the way it is, what the symbolism is and what you need to understand about your life and your path in that way.  But it’s also good to have the surgery, start working out, listening to the PT, and possibly stop doing the thing that’s exacerbating the problem.  We’re spiritual beings experiencing a physical life.  Don’t be scared.  Go ahead and experience it.  🙂