Too much of anything is usually a bad thing and everything can be taken out of context and therefore make a hash of things.  Being overly flexible can be a liability.  It can leave you twisted into shapes you aren’t meant to be in or make you into a doormat for others instead of leading your own life.

Being overly controlling has similar issues.  If you push to hard you waste energy and force things/yourself into shapes and situations that aren’t in the best interest of anyone.  If you attempt to control things too tightly you are unable to bend when necessary.  You aren’t accessible to others, aren’t relatable, aren’t able to take advantage of the teachable moment or the wonderous opportunity that pops up out of the blue.

Art Print by Melody G. StoneThe deceptively easy thing to do is to live in the sweet spot between these two. To be completely yourself and so in the now that you’re open to whatever comes and can go wherever the wind blows.  Like the most beautiful music or a breath stealing moment in dance, it’s about being in the now, being the dichotomy of completely here and ecstatically gone.  Most of us fear being in this state because it leaves us vulnerable.  This is used to dramatic effect in movies and on TV (Serenity).  But being vulnerable is necessary for living a full life.