Sometimes the logical way to do things, the prioritized, makes everything make sense, gets it all done method of life just doesn’t cut it.  Sometimes we just have to do things in our own order, in a way that feels right vs. making sense.  We may not have words for why, it’s just the way it is.  Go with it and things fall into place; go against it and everything feels wrong and frustrating and why did I bother?

Internal logic and mind logic can be very different things.  Mind logic works on cause and effect rules, on the principles of the seen world, on the known and the conclusions that come from experience.  Internal logic works at a more intimate level that, counter intuitively, is more expansive and interconnected.  Internal logic can see many steps further ahead, takes into account more than just cause and effect, sees the power of emotional fulfillment to express positive energy not only into the project but into the surroundings and the effects of the task.  Internal logic knows that there is much more tied to the laundry list of things you need to get done than just the math of getting them done.

So there are days when it is time critical to get these errands run and instead you turn and clean out that closet that has been nagging at you for years.  There are days when it would be great to get out into the yard and instead you dig into an online project or set out a craft that you’d had on your mind and all the sudden the inspiration is there.  You’re supposed to meet with someone and instead you skip out and go shopping.  You are supposed to be working and you take the day off to get out and drive, ride your bike, meet up with the gang, goof off…  The day seems to take you somewhere completely different than where you planned to go.  It’s not a random occurrence, it’s you.  It’s your internal logic overriding your common sense to tune into what is most life affirming.  Which is less common than it should be.  So just go with it.