“People don’t know.  They see me as normal.  I don’t want them to know what I really am…..I’m so lonely…”  Yep, there is a correlation.  To be known you have to be seen.  To be seen you have to actually act as if you are who you really are.  You have to be open to people, let them know what you really think, how you really feel, what you’re interested in and not, etc.  It’s the opposite of doing what it takes to fit in.  Wearing camouflage, putting on a costume, and walking around acting like everyone else doesn’t make you them, doesn’t make you fit, it just makes you part of the crowd.

Your people are out there.  The people like you, the people who like you, who want you around, who need your laughter and your wisdom, who want you to join them in their wacky escapades.  But they can’t find you and you can’t find them if you’re a swan in a flock of ducks wearing a duck suit and quacking.

So stop hiding.  You don’t need to change your job, change your name, change who you hang out with, just gradually start being yourself.  You may find that you weren’t hiding as well as you thought you were and that people are happy you stopped wearing the costume. When was the last time you washed it, btw?