Trust is a huge issue for lots of us out there, but not the way you might think and usually not the way people talk about it.  There are lots of conversations and books and therapists and clergy out in the world telling us that we need to trust others.  We need to trust their motives, to trust their actions, to take a chance and trust that all will be well.  Glass half full and possibly could become completely full, right?  But we’ve already learned how to trust the world around us.  We trust it to be real.  We trust people to be who they show themselves to be through their actions.  We trust corporations to self-interested.  We trust politics to be a rocky road and rarely to have the best interests of the individual in mind. We trust.  It’s when we don’t trust this, when we try to follow the advice of the people who supposedly know better than us that we get into trouble.

Our problems with trust, other than the fact that we sometimes trust those authors and clergy and etc. to know what they are talking about, does not involve the world around us.  It is with ourselves.  We make promises to ourselves and then break them without a second thought.  We make choices we wouldn’t allow our worst enemy to make through some twisted thought process that makes no sense even to us and then suffer the consequences and wonder why the world is against us.  We put ourselves through hell trying to achieve something we already know is impossible because we are the one that set it up so we’d fail in the first place.  Diet anyone?  I mean, that diet would work if it weren’t completely crazy, unhealthy and unsustainable.  It would have gone fine if we were until indescribably pressure, moving and in an abusive relationship.  We must be a loser with no will power.  *face palm*

We don’t need to work on trusting others when we know they aren’t worthy.  We don’t need to try harder to trust the world when we already do, seeing it with clear eyes and setting good boundaries.  In fact, because we do we’re able to experience the wonders that it holds and be fully present in it.  What we struggle with is trusting ourselves.  Not because we don’t see ourselves clearly, but because we do.  It’s not the world that needs to work to be trustworthy, it’s us.  Don’t worry about what’s going on around you, start being trustworthy.  Rebuild your trust in you.